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BNB Stone was established in 2010, and the vision has remained the same.  Our “business” is customer service.  Friendly, courteous, exceptional customer service.  We just happen to sell top quality natural stone in the process.

Chance Bannahan;
Managing Member
(a.k.a“the Brains”)
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Yep.  This is the guy who, in his own words, “didn’t know you could give rocks away, much less sell them.”  Somehow though, he has managed to build BNB Stone into the premier hardscape and natural stone supplier of the area. Or, at least he takes credit for it anyway.

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Kelsi Bannahan;
Operating Member
(a.k.a“the Beauty”)
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In addition to being a full-time Realtor, Kelsi is the social butterfly of BNB Stone.  Heavily involved in the local communities of Sanger, Krum, and Denton, Kelsi is always glad to share her vibrant personality and fun-loving nature with everyone and ANYONE she meets.

Chris Shadle;
Yard Manager
(a.k.a the “Glue”)
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The guy who holds everything together.  A self-proclaimed “rock hound,” Chris is extremely passionate about natural stone.  He is always happy to visit about hardscape projects and eager to help our stone customers in any way possible.

Mean Green;
Veteran Forklift
(a.k.a. the “Muscle”)
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The first piece of equipment ever purchased by BNB Stone…and still hanging around.  Not much is known about Mean Green’s history prior to 2010 (it doesn’t like to talk about it).   Since joining our team, it has performed dependably, albeit sometimes slowly, day in and day out, no matter the conditions.    

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